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B.C. Books Available At Volume One Bookstore

Now more than ever, we need the comfort, wisdom, and inspiration of books. Here, we’ve picked out some of the best of the season for several age groups. Bonus; they’re all B.C. books!

When We Are Kind by Victoria author Monique Gray Smith. Ages 3-5. Picture Hardcover. Through simple text children can explore feelings engendered by giving and receiving acts of kindness between people, people and the earth, and kindness to self. Illustrated by Diné artist Nicole Neidhardt.

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel. Adult Fiction Paperback. This beautifully-written novel ranges between a remote five-star hotel on Vancouver Island, Manhattan, and a ship off the coast of Mauritania. A bartender, a shipping executive and a New York financier negotiate loss, crime, morality, money, and ghosts of the past.

If You Want to Visit a Sea Garden by Kay Weisman. Ages 5-8. Picture Hardcover. A child visits a sea garden with an adult and they reflect upon this reef habitat for sea life, built at the lowest tide mark as an Indigenous practice for 3000 years. Beautiful illustrations by Roy Henry Vickers and approved by the scientists of the Clam Garden Network and Chief Adam Dick.

Pine Island Home by Metchosin author Polly Horvath. Ages 9-12. Paperback. Four orphaned sisters sent to live with their great aunt on a farm in B.C. are shocked to discover, upon their arrival, that their great aunt has suddenly died of a heart attack. Afraid Social Services will separate them when it is discovered they are without a guardian, they convince a couple of adults to help them conceal that fact and set out to survive on their own. But how long can they keep it up?

You can find these books and much more in-person or online at volumeone.ca

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