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Bright Back To School Ideas

As a most peculiar summer draws to a close, there is a question undoubtedly on the minds of all parents of school-aged children. What will this school year actually look like? The province has released it’s official 5 stage plan, but this is our first go at something of this nature requiring changes this colossal, so quickly.

With those changes happening so fast, the focus has largely been upon the resumption of an academic curriculum, and rightly so, as students have already missed a huge section of their studies in 2020. However, many parents and students have been left in limbo about the status of extracurricular activities like sports and various arts programs which can be a vital part of the educational experience.

Fortunately, for those in the Duncan area worried about either academic or extracurricular activities in the up 20/21 school year, there are options:

Warmland Dance

Exposure to, and engagement in the creative arts is a vital part of a well-rounded education. This is something that the enthusiastic team at Warmland Dance are passionate about. Through their day programs, students can engage in a wide variety of BC accredited programs that will provide credits towards their high school diploma covering various forms of dance and musical theatre in addition to visual arts like photography and filmmaking. Classes within the curriculum go beyond just the performance and into the history, science and philosophies of the art forms. Warmland Dance is much more than just a dance school for more information go to warmlanddance.ca

Forte School Of Music

With band classes returning in a heavily modified state if at all and school drama productions likely put on hold, why not look to some affordable private options like Forte School Of Music. Music has long been shown to have numerous benefits for young learners and in some cases a side effect of pop-stardom.

Forte School Of Music on Station St. in downtown Duncan will be offering in person and online lessons to students in the disciplines of Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Theory and Composing. Lessons are still being held in person, at a safe distance of course, but instructors have opened up a limited amount of online sessions for piano and singing.

It’s never too late to welcome the gift of music into your life. Enquire today by going to forteschoolofmusic.ca.

Literacy Now

The word “literacy” is often exclusively associated with reading and writing skills, however, it can cover a much broader range of topics. Literacy Now Cowichan is an organization offering multiple forms of literacy education since 2007.

The qualified staff and tutors at Literacy Now Cowichan offer lessons in English, numeracy (day to day math skills or upgrading), financial literacy, and most interestingly digital literacy. In today’s world, interfacing with computers, tablets, and smartphones is nearly unavoidable in our daily lives, so why not get up to 6 free lessons on the basics.

There is no shame in wanting to improve your skills and understanding in any of these areas, and with the recent switch to online tutoring. It has never been easier. Contact Literacy Now and start the process of removing those unwanted frustrations in your life - they even offer valuable job skills training to prepare you for interviews or entering a trades program. Find out more at literacynowcowichan.ca

- Ian Locke

Creative Director,

Downtown Duncan BIA

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