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Finding My Fit

I didn’t know that when I responded to a job posting for a position as a receptionist at an employment service agency almost 2 years ago that my life would change in so many ways. At the time I was running a small business from home with varying levels of success over the years and taking care of my kids. Sometimes I loved working from home, but I am a people person and I was finding working by myself quite isolating. I also realized I didn’t like being my own boss, it’s just not for everyone. Once my children were older, I started looking for a new job. I was ready for change but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I am very creative and love helping people but after being self-employed and before that working in the television industry in Toronto, I didn’t know where I fit in in the Cowichan Valley labour market. Working in government contracted employment services was a step out of my comfort zone and it has allowed my life to transform hugely (and positively!). My employer recognized some transferable skills I brought to the organization and soon moved me into a position in the company that seems tailormade for me! It’s been amazing for my self confidence and has allowed me to find the independence that I needed in my life. I truly understand how transformational finding the right career choice (and employer fit) is.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have landed here. I work for ETHOS Career Management Group Ltd., and we hold the WorkBC contract in the Cowichan Valley, amongst many others. My job title is Labour Market Information Specialist. Day to day I get to do things like connect with employers to find out about job openings and new projects and let them know about our amazing programs and our diverse roster of job seekers. I also learn about the challenges employers are facing in recruiting new staff; this information helps our whole organization. I organize events like job fairs and employer information sessions, write a weekly newsletter and get to use my creativity in designing marketing materials. I work with an amazing group of people who genuinely love helping people find their paths to personal success. I find my part in this work so rewarding and my family is proud of me for what I have accomplished.

We work with a wide array of both job seekers and employers, and work hard to help them navigate what is universally a very stressful and transitional time.

Whether job seekers have moved here from out of area and are unfamiliar with the labour market, are changing careers or haven’t worked in years and need help from the ground up, we strive to help each individual reach their goal of sustainable employment. We help with everything from resume writing, networking, workshops and even self-employment and skills training.

Employers rely on us to send them qualified candidates, save them money with wage subsidies and customized employment and generally ease their burden when recruiting new staff. Sifting through hundreds of resumes and setting up interviews is such a big job! We love helping our local businesses recruit the talent they need and help our job seekers find their fit.

I know that with COVID-19 everything feels upside down and it’s hard to know what to do when it comes to work and life in general. As experts in in the employment industry let us help you find out what it is, you’re looking for, even if you’re not yet sure what that is!

For support with your job search or help finding staff contact us today!

- Johnna Puusa

Labour Market Specialist


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