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As we shared last time, the 39 Days Of July festival is going full “stream” ahead this year by taking all of the performances online utilizing both Facebook and YouTube’s live streaming platforms. So far, it seems the new format has been well received racking up more than 14,000 views on Facebook alone. Although playing to an empty room can be slightly jarring for the artists, fans have been able to interact with the performers via the comment section. Production staff has enjoyed relaying those messages to the artists in between songs some of which have resulted in getting their favourite songs played or even a few snappy zingers from friends.

(Pictured above: Eugene Smith)

Among the many acts that have played so far, there have been stand out performances from the likes of Kelly Fawcett and his band The Funky Lowdown happily repeating their success from last summer’s One Friday Night and Adrian Chalifour who brought his usual passionate energy in a stripped-down performance backed of course by the dynamite ax-slinger Dave Zellinsky.

Even with the early success of the newly formatted festival, Trevor Linde, one of the event organizers, mentioned that he and his compatriots are still deeply unsure about the future of the industry as any large music concerts are still banned until an effective coronavirus vaccine can be widely distributed. In the meantime make sure to support what is happening now by tuning in online!

Ian Locke

Creative Director

Downtown Duncan BIA


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